Log in to MyGovHK from other channels

My account is not bound to “iAM Smart” hide details

1. Click ‘Login with “iAM Smart”’ on the login page

2.1 If you are accessing MyGovHK on a computer, open the “iAM Smart” Mobile App on your mobile device to scan the QR code shown on the screen

2.2 If you are accessing MyGovHK on a mobile device, follow the instructions to open your “iAM Smart”

3. You are required to authorise “iAM Smart” to provide your personal data (i.e. English name and HK Identity Card Number) for MyGovHK. Follow the instructions to complete the authorisation process

4. In order to log in to MyGovHK with “iAM Smart”, you have to bind “iAM Smart” to your account first

You may bind “iAM Smart” to a specified account, or an existing account with its “HK Identity Card Number” matched with the one you provided

Click “Bind” to select the account you want, and then input its password to complete the account binding process

5. You will be logged in to MyGovHK automatically after account binding, and your means of login (i.e. “iAM Smart”) will be shown near the top of its home page

Afterwards, you can use “iAM Smart” to log in to MyGovHK anytime

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Last revision date: Dec 2020