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1. Click “Create Account” on the login page

Create Account

2. Scroll down and read the “Terms of Use for MyGovHK” carefully

  • Check the box of “I have read and agree to the above Terms of Use (including the Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Copyright)” to accept the terms

 accept the terms of use

  • Identify the visual code or listen to the audio clip. Enter the code and then click “Continue” for authentication


3. Create your unique username here
You’ll use it to log into your account in the future


  • Create your password with at least 8 characters


For security reasons, you are advised to use a password of either moderate or strong password strength
Some online services can only be accessed with a strong password and Safe Password Management enforced

  • Enter your personal information
  • Pick a secret question and set the answer

Secret Question

It is important for you to choose a secret question & answer which can be easily remembered because they provide you with a second level of security in cases like password retrieval

  • Once you have finished, click “Continue”


4. Check the information carefully, and then click “Confirm”

Check your infomation

  • If you need to amend the information, click the pencil icon to edit

5. A confirmation email, which contains an activation code as shown, will be sent to you

confirmation email

  • If you have provided your mobile number in the registration process, you will also receive another set of activation code by SMS


Last revision date: November 2020