How to disassociate MyGovHK from GovHK Notifications (Version 2.x) on Android device

You can disassociate your MyGovHK account from GovHK Notifications via MyGovHK or GovHK Notifications:

Disassociate via MyGovHK

  1. Log into MyGovHK and click "My Settings";
  2. Click “Edit” in "My Account Info";
  3. In "Mobile Device for Receiving Notifications", click "Disassociate", and then “Save” at the bottom of "My Account Info".

Disassociate via GovHK Notifications

  1. Open GovHK Notifications on your mobile device;
  2. Click “MyGovHK Account” in “Settings”;
    Sample screen of Settings in Android device
  3. Click “Manage MyGovHK account”, and a browser window will open;
    Sample screen of setting MyGovHK Account in Android device
  4. In MyGovHK browser window, click “Edit”;
    Sample screen of associated MyGovHK accounts
  5. Click the Trash icon next to the alias of the account you want to disassociate;
    Sample screen of removing associated MyGovHK accounts
  6. Click “Confirm” to disassociate the account.
    Sample screen of confirming disassociation

Last revision date: April 2016