How to associate MyGovHK with GovHK Notifications (Version 2.x) on iOS device

Please follow the steps below to associate your MyGovHK account with GovHK Notifications.

  1. Install and open GovHK Notifications on your mobile device;
  2. Click “MyGovHK Account” in “Settings”;
    Sample screen of Settings in iOS device
  3. Click “Manage MyGovHK A/C”, and a browser window will open;
    Sample screen of setting MyGovHK Account in iOS device
  4. On the MyGovHK browser window, click "Associate a MyGovHK Account";
    Sample screen of associating MyGovHK account with GovHK Notifications
  5. Log into MyGovHK to associate your account with GovHK Notifications;
    a. Sample screen of clicking Continue to log into MyGovHK
    b. Sample screen of entering username
    c. Sample screen of entering password
  6.  Enter your device alias and click “Save”. 
    a. Sample screen of entering device alias
    b. Sample screen of having successfully associated MyGovHK account with GovHK Notifications

Last revision date: April 2016